Managed Security

Stay ahead of threats and protect your business with Connectiv’s Managed Security service

We provide a comprehensive range of specialist security services that give you coverage and support to match your risk profile and compliance needs.


Security experts, when and where you need them
Reduced cost and risk of dealing with security threats
Independent analysis and reporting for compliance
Increased confidence in your ability to protect your business


Phishing Readiness Testing

This assessment tests your readiness to withstand a spear phishing campaign. We use targeted emails based on real-world attacks, or we develop tests customised to your apps and systems. Our report on how readily employees click on these emails, and whether they recognize these emails as suspicious is an important baseline for understanding your security capability and the performance of your employee compliance training.

Advanced Threat Learning & Accreditation System

Cyber security awareness training is a proven educational approach for mitigating risky employee, IT behaviours that could lead to security compromises. 

Connectiv’s cyber security awareness training service delivers relevant information through modern training modules on subjects including social engineering, information security, malware and compliance topics.

Vulnerability Scanning

The internal scan of network and client infrastructure uses an independent, on-site scanning appliance with specialist tools. Once the appliance is plugged in, it will scan the network for open ports and vulnerable services on the network. We provide a detailed report and remediation roadmap detailing which issues should be addressed in order of priority and the necessary fixes to correct the identified vulnerabilities.

Site Audit

This physical site assessment measures your defence “in depth” and your employees’ ability to detect and respond to impersonation and potential malicious activity. The goal for this assessment is to infiltrate the customers premises, using different techniques to gain access to restricted areas or to plant a device on the customers’ network. Remediation training and actions are provided, with regular re-tests if required.

Social Engineering

The social engineering assessment uses cold calling to measure employees ability to detect and respond to an impersonation attack. The goal for this assessment is to obtain access or sensitive information such as credentials or access to an employee’s computer via TeamViewer. We use various techniques over the phone and/or onsite. Remediation training and actions are provided, with regular re-tests if required.

Programmed Services

We manage your yearly monitoring, analysis, reporting and remediation activities. You can rely on us to give you independent, expert data and recommendations to ensure that you have an up-to-date infosec plan at all times to protect your business from internal and external threats.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test is a high-level assessment of the customers environment and defences. It is designed to seek out weaknesses in the customers systems and actively exploit them to gain access to critical systems and infrastructure components. We report on what actions are required to patch vulnerable systems. This level of assessment allows you to witness the damage that can be done if vulnerabilities were in fact exploited, and helps you decrease your vulnerability footprint.

Physical Security Inspection

We conduct a physical audit of your sites and an internal scan of the network and client infrastructure. Using the information collected from the audit we provide you with a detailed report of discovered “weak spots” and a remediation plan to assist you to implement physical security best practices.

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