Managed Networks

We provide full coverage and support for your network environment, including firewalls and perimeter security, switching, Wi-Fi and network design

Securing your network against current and future threats is our constant focus, as it is the most persistent risk in most businesses today.


Protection of your business identity and continuity
Less risk and more productivity for your network assets
Higher levels of network engineering expertise and experience
Early warning of emerging issues


Top tier services

We use top tier platforms from Telstra and Palo Alto Networks to provide communications infrastructure and network security. We choose these premium level services as they provide world-class protection for your business, staff and assets. You get the best performance, reliability and protection for your network so that your business is safe and your employees are productive.

Network design experience

Our network engineers have extensive experience designing & building complex networks for companies across a diverse range of industries. They bring this experience to designing your network, tailoring solutions to meet your specific business needs.

We design and implement incremental investments in your network infrastructure that protect your current capability and build next generation resilience. Our goal is to use our decades of experience to get the maximum benefit from your network components with less risk and more productivity.

Multi-layer services

We take the best of Telstra’s communications & cloud infrastructure, secure it with a best-of-breed network security platform and then we add a layer of user support from our own onshore Managed Network Service Desk. We believe this gives our customers the best set of network options and performance in the market, tailored to your business and supporting user needs.

Network Support Desk

When things go wrong, as they always do in technology networks, we’re able to identify and respond to the incident quickly and with clear communication to our customer. We choose our monitoring, analysis and reporting tools so that they give us the most efficient path from notification to fix, maximising the availability of your network so that your business stays up and running for as long as possible.

Migration and rollout planning

We plan and design network changes so that we minimise business impact. With large scale upgrades of infrastructure or migration to services like NBN, we pride ourselves in finding the path of least disruption through multi-site rollouts, liaising with network hardware and service providers so that you can focus on running your business.

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