Managed Mobility

We offer mobile device fleet management to ensure that employees, managers and executives get the best from their mobile assets

Our unique advantage is our ability to be your IT partner as well as your telco partner, giving you the benefits of an integrated management approach to your providers, platforms, devices and users.

Benefits of Managed Mobility

Secure your mobile device fleet from threats and compliance breaches
Get more from your mobile fleet agreements
Be supported by a dedicated team of mobile engineers and customer care specialists
Improve mobile productivity for employees

Managed Mobility Features

managed mobility services

Mobile Security

We use Telstra’s ‘Best In Class’ T-MDM tools to monitor and manage security for your mobile device fleet. We serve customer fleets with diverse and demanding environments, so we’re always alert to new threats and can manage incidents proactively. We support fleets of more than 5,000 devices with complex and industry-specific requirements, so we’re confident we can deal with any challenges your business faces.

managed mobility services

Priority Support

We give priority support to your mobile users. We deal with all the adds, moves and changes that are required to keep your employees productive and your mobile fleet in sync with your business needs.

managed mobility services

Cost Centre Management

Our Customer Care Team reports monthly and quarterly on the usage, benefits and cost reduction opportunities in your mobile fleet. We make sure your accounts are correctly configured with Telstra, that your bills are correct, your employees are complying with usage policies and you’re not paying for devices or services that you’re not using.

fleet device management

Unified End Point Management

We take care of device procurement, allocation, deployment, repair and replacement so you don’t have to. We provide shrink-wrapped devices, end user enrolment guides and training so that devices get where they are needed, quickly and securely.

fleet device management

Mobile Device Lifecycle Management

We’re always looking for the right balance between a longer, more productive life for your mobile devices and the cost and complexity of supporting them. With large mobile fleets or dynamic workforces, mobile device lifecycle management has economic and security benefits for your business. We can help you get the best from your ongoing fleet investment by using device buy backs, risk audits and staged, financed device rollouts that work cooperatively with other IT platform considerations.

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